The People of St. Louis are Hungry for Change

Cori is the “now” leader we need to represent Missouri’s 1st Congressional District to give regular working people a voice in Washington, DC

Cori Bush for Congress is a grassroots campaign that focuses on people first. Our team is passionate about economic and racial justice, Medicare for All, education equity, and the need for fierce, bold leadership in Congress. We are the people and we can run - and win this fight - without corporate dollars.

This campaign is 100% people-funded because Cori is only accountable to the people. She believes in innovative and equitable policies to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive, succeed, and have a voice. She is a fighter for our children, our communities, and our futures.


Why am I running?

This is a time in our history when complacency cannot be the standard. Americans today must decide between medication and rent. Our justice system over-incarcerates and our education system under-educates, while millions of children live in poverty and thousands live in cages. I am running because our district deserves a purpose-driven leader with a proven track record of fighting for the people, even when it threatens my own life. I am running because I have seen that change can happen across this nation when regular people stand up fearlessly against an unjust system.


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Missouri’s 1st Needs a Voice from the People

A native St. Louisan, Cori is a registered nurse, a single parent, an ordained pastor, and a community organizer. A former food-stamp and Medicaid recipient, Cori understands the needs of the working class and the under-resourced. She will work alongside sitting members of Congress to create and advocate for legislation that positively affects their lives directly.


This campaign is 100% people-funded. We need you on our team.

Here’s how you can help send Cori to Congress:



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Support our Office Staff

To win in 2020, we need a strong team to support the campaign. Consider giving a one-time or a recurring contribution to sustain our staff.


$1,500 in Monthly Recurring Donations

Recurring donations totalling $1500 will help us sustain our 2020 swag supplies for the entire campaign cycle.

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Support Sustaining our office space

Consider a one-time or recurring contribution to maintain our headquarters on the ground, in the district.

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Support Advertising Costs

Consider a one-time or a recurring donation to ensure people hear and see Cori’s message.


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